Two gamblers who managed to beat the casinos

Every now and then we hear about players who have managed to beat casinos for millions and millions, and often the first thing that goes through our minds is that they must have been counting cards, but that is not always the way it works. Although card counting has proven effective in the past, casinos are quite used to it these days and they can often spot the players using the technique You can read more about how casinos work at portals such as Instead of focusing in on card counters, I wanted to share two stories with you about two players who have successfully beaten the casinos using other techniques.

The first example is credited to the world famous poker player Phil Ivey, who has won not less than 9 bracelets in the prestigious World Series of Poker. But it wasn’t at the poker table he would make his most infamous winnings, that ended up costing the Borgata casino around $9.000.000 and the Crockford casino $12.000.000. He managed to win these huge sums of money using a technique called edge spotting as he was playing baccarat. Edge spotting means that a player takes advantage of manufacturing flaws in the deck of cards that the casino uses, meaning that he will know what some of the cards will show by just looking at the edge, or back, of the card. This, of course, gives the player an advantage over the casino. Much to Ivey’s dismay, both casinos have withheld the winnings that he has made, awaiting the result of a lawsuit that both casinos have started against him, claiming fraud and racketeering. Phil Ivey, in turn, has later turned to file a lawsuit against the Crockford Casino himself, and at this point in time, neither of the lawsuits have been settled.

An even more spectacular story is that of Don Johnson, a legendary blackjack player that managed to win over $15.000.000 from various casinos in Atlantic City over a six month period a couple of years back. People in general say he did this by counting cards, but the fact is that the coup that Johnson orchestrated is a little more thought out than that. Don Johnson started off by just playing at the casinos – His strategy was to be recognized by the casino as a high roller, but also as someone who wasn’t particularly good at playing blackjack. Before he started, he had consulted a team of blackjack enthusiasts in order to make sure that the casino would not spot him as a “high risk” player. As soon as he reached the status of a high roller, the casinos would start fighting over him, offering him various forms of competitive offers, and it was these offers that Johnson would capitalize on in order to win big. He was an excellent negotiator, and managed to make several deals, such as getting a 20% rebate on every $500.000 he lost, and that the dealer would have to stand on soft 17, let him split four hands, and double down on every hand – which would give Johnson an advantage over the casino. By the way, if all those terms seemed hard to understand, try reading up on some blackjack articles at for example!

The last, and most spectacular deal he made, however, was that he would get a free bet every time the dealer made a mistake, which, at $100K a hand, is a massive deal. In order to capitalize on this, he would do anything he could think of to distract the dealer from doing his job, such as hiring porn stars to pose as his girlfriend around the table.

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